REVISED LIST (12-16-99)

Monday Daily Theme: The Evolution of Complex Systems

Keynote Speakers

Co-host Plenary Talks
· Anatol Rapoport
· Eric Chaisson
· D.S. Wilson · ISSS (Len Troncale)
· Epic of Evolution Society (Brian Swimme)
· GERG (Ervin Laszlo)
· Infodynamics Group (Stan Salthe)
· Washington Evolutionary Systems Society (Jerry Chandler)
Plenary Symposium: Resources and the Environment in the New Millennium

Tuesday Daily Theme: The Dynamics of Complex Systems

Keynote Speakers

Co-host Plenary Talks
· John Casti
· John Holland

· American Society for Cybernetics (Humberto Maturana) (?)
· Center for Intelligent Systems (George Klir)
· Centre for Systems Studies (Gerald Midgley) (?)
· International Systems Institute (Bela Banathy) (?)
· Institute for Law & Systems Research (Paul Wohlmuth)
· Research Committee on Sociocybernetics (Felix Geyer)
· Swedish Operational Research Association (Donald de Raadt)
· Systems Discipline Programme (Ray Ison) (?)
· U.K. Cybernetics Society (Brian Warburton) (?)
· UK Systems Society (?)
Plenary Symposium: Rethinking Human Rights and Global Responsibilities

Wednesday Daily Theme: Human Systems in the 21st Century

Keynote Speakers

Co-host Plenary Talks
· Russell Ackoff
· Thomas Sebeok · Centre for Applied Development Systems (Dennis Finlayson)
· International Federation for Systems Research (Mike Jackson)
· Korean Society for Systems Science Research (Yong Pil Rhee)
· Portland State Systems Science Program (Martin Zwick)
· Principia Cybernetica (Cliff Joslyn) (?)
· World Future Society (David Woolfson) (?)
· World Organization of Systems & Cybernetics (Robert Vallée)

Plenary Symposium: Healthy Communities in a Healthy World