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Notes from ISSS Planning Session March 1, 2006, Debora’s office

Attending: Debora Hammond, Alexander and Kathia Laslo, Eugene Kim, Todd Johnston, John Adams, Tiffany von Emmel, Gail Taylor

Gail kept notes todaay…

Debora reported that registrations are doing very well and that the abstract submissions are way ahead of schedule and number for this far in advance of the conference.

Saybrook is sponsoring at a level 2 ($1000) Alexander said that The Presidio would probably become a sponsor and Tiffany said she would contact Fielding.

Volunteers: Two from Saybrook have signed up, along with several from SSU. If there are others, refer them to Debora.

Abstract submission process, even though it is complicated is coming along well. This year abstracts are to be submited in HTML

Pre and Post-

	Inquiry and Food Connections are up on web
	Two additional proposals: Tom Malloy on Bateson
	and Len Troncale on General Systems Theory

We looked at the ongoing design of each morning’s session, checking it to see if each worked well with our overall design.

Monday – The Dynamics of Complex Systems Mike Jackson not able to come. It is graduation time and he cannot get away. M.C. Bateson – may or may not come

Panel members: Ralph Abraham Yaneer Bar Yam George Richardson Geoffrey West Debora sent an email to the panel asking if they would be willing to shorten their beginning comments to 10 minutes. She got mixed – but not very excited responses back. After some conversation we decided that the 20 minutes each approach could work if Ralph Abraham would also act as systems integrator and weave presentations together within his own content.

What is the initiating question for Monday’s group. This has not been decided yet.

We talked about Bryan Coffman’s ability to synthesize and do real time mapping of the panel conversation. Monday is a foundation piece and will begin the red thread process. Debora will talk to him and find out what he feels he can do.

Tuesday: Self Organization and Living Systems Tuesday – Maturama wants an hour. (And so he will get it … but not without a bit of rubbing! ☺

Juanita will do three rounds of World Café

1:30- 3:30 – the afternoon session feed forth from the morning systems Pille Bunnell Susan Oyama Sally Guerner

Wednesday – Ecology and Sustainability Self Organizing Conversations MC Bateson may not attend. We should not count on her. Dick Norgaard Hunter Lovins John Adams will moderate with Dick and Hunter and also structure Self-Organizing Conversations around sustainability and ecology. Groups will coalesce around ideas and also create a poster artifact that gets turned in. Red Thread team members will be circulating and gathering ideas and key themes. John will bring closure through facilitating coalescing comments from groups. All artifacts will be posted for further reading. … John will contact Norgaard and Lovins and gather their input.

Should we go outside the school system and set our own internet. Do we want to set up satellite system so that the conference can feed in? Peru, Japan, Australia -

What would we be broadcasting? Alexander will check with Jim Kijima.

Thursday … Social Systems Design and Practice Alexander & Kathia Vince Barraba John Broadbent

Alexander and Kathia will do another iteration of the Backcasting exercise and send it out for perusal. They will work with Vince and John so that they become familiar with the structure of the morning.

Bryan Coffman’s work will feed into this session and the results will feed out into the Interactive Synthesis session on Friday.

The afternoon’s Economy symposium with Art and Doug will be a natural follow on to the morning’s session. We should not try to couple it too tightly.

Gail has agreed to make another try to attract Al Gore. Kathia and Alexander will approach Hunter and get her to prompt Gore as well.

Tiffany and Todd talked about morning DreamScape? – Met in the morning to begin the design. Red thread culture, people, Todd talked about symbiotic relationship of Red Thread and DreamScape?

Kathia remarked on the talents and professionalism of the DreamScape? team. The morning session was their first coming together. Team building… breathe well together and are Hungry to be of service….

They are intent on absorbing/becoming culture they will be engaging with during the conference. Over the next several months, they will be creating a common language. Several training days … emergence design skills and practice it.

What will the DreamScapers? be doing during the week? Their intention during the week is to slowly grow with different kinds of participation. Engage more as participants are ready. Begin with decorating nametags … HighWine? hubs … or is it WineFi?? Each DS has a high level of improvatation and is very sensitive to how to take a group from Strangers to Community.

What people create will end up being the stage, props, etc. closing event emerges out of what people have created – creates ownership. Permaculture dynamic – breaks will offer good time for Dream Scapers.

11:30- 12:45 for Dream Scape Ending followed by lunch.

American Society for Cybernetics also has several performance pieces they want to perform– Tiffany will talk to Pelle and make sure everything is well integrated.

Debora in her opening statement comments on Inquiry – robust epistemological and philosophical conversations. Throughout the week, there will be different ways of exploring and coming to know the subject matter and themes of the conference.

A speaker page is going to go on the web with abstracts, photos, and hopefully PDF’s of some of their papers.

Evening – Monday:Nora Bateson’s film is not ready. We want her to show what she has and perhaps share her next steps.…

Tuesday – Can we get Gore? Wednesday Bridging the generations – panel of past presidents. Vickers presentation

Thursday – banquet Magical Strings – Philip and Pamela Boulding will be playing

Art Gallery – dropped because of cost. Deborah is still trying to find a way to work with them but they have been somewhat difficult. Debora is still negotiating and working options. Art gallery has insurance and security, etc.

Inner Culture Center is a second option. The library has not been welcoming but Debora will try again.

One day participation is still a question. This will be a last minute depending on other enrollment.

Alexander brought up the idea of simultaneous remote events. Seems like Japan would be interested in this as they are the hosts for following year. Alexander will talk with John (incoming President) about possibility. There was much discussion about the logistics and costs (and income potential) for this or something similar. It is likely that we will do videos that can be viewed anytime, anywhere.

Spanish and Japanese translation possibilities. Kathia is working this.

Tours … Daily Acts: Sustainability field trips and possibly Di Rosa Preserve– Friday afternoon. There was much discussion about the pros and cons of field trips during the afternoons of the conference as they could interfere with the SIGs?. How do these play a counter point – go into a different mentality. Schedule the SIGs? at the wineries? Make two things – one for Wednesday and one on Friday maybe even Di rosa preserve.

It was decided that we would offer two for Friday afternoon and that people were free to work their own field trips as needed or wanted.

No date was set for next meeting but we felt we could go six weeks to two months without another one. Will work schedule closer to time. In the meantime, use email – stay in touch.

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